Come help us prepare the new building!


If you would like to give to the Building for Life fund, please click here and select "Building for Life" in the drop-down menu. Thank you so much for your giving!

possess our vision


PHASE 1 : $125,000 (to secure loan)

PHASE 2 : $150,000 (remodel sanctuary)

PHASE 3 : $150,000 (overall building remodel)

TOTAL: $425,000

To possess the vision

We need YOU!


Building on the Love of God

At Greater Life Church our focus is the next generation! We believe that it is our job to equip future generations. Since the day Greater Life Church began in Glenwood Middle School, our church has been built upon the message of revealing the life giving love of God. This is the blue print of the foundation for every service, event, and ministry that exists at GLC.

We need space. Our current sanctuary seats only 190 people, whereas the new sanctuary can seat up to 800 people. Our current facility is 9,440 square feet, whereas the new building is 23,410 square feet and sits on 8 acres of land! The new building is three times the square footage of our current leased space which will allow us to do every ministry on a Sunday morning to reach the entire family and do it with excellence.

We believe that a new facility allows us to do the following:
•    Build lives through the Word of God
•    Build lives through relevant youth ministry
•    Build lives through dynamic children's ministry
•    Build lives through outreach
•    Build lives through service
•    Build lives through fellowship
•    Build lives through worship

Buildings do not change lives, but what goes on inside does! GLC’s new property is located at the corner of four major areas in the region that include: Boardman, Youngstown, Cornersburg and Austintown. Even though Boardman, Ohio is our target, we can now be a regional church in northeast Ohio reaching thousands of people with the love of Jesus Christ. GLC is called to more than a zip code. We refuse to put God in a box or a zip code. We are called to change a region for Jesus Christ! GLC has grown into a great church, but the time has come to have a BUILDING FOR LIFE! It is time to shake this region for Jesus!


Future Home of Greater Life Church

8 acres | 23,410 square feet


what will it take?

Our Goal Over The Two Year Commitment: $825,000

Each of us can give far greater than we think by giving it over a two year period.

1 John 4:4 - "Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world."

A Place of Purpose

“God made you on purpose, for a purpose”
At GLC we believe we are in the middle of a move of God. We believe God wants a building for GLC to minister to people for generations to come. We get to be pioneers and this is our chance to leave a legacy. For the next 24 months we will all need to make a special commitment in addition to our regular giving so that this project can go forward. With man this is impossible, but with God...



GLC believes that imparting God-given destiny, purpose, and vision to our next generation empowers them to see the truth and make wise decisions. The heart of Greater Life Church is reaching our next generation for Jesus!

Psalm 24:6 - "This is the generation of those who seek Him, who seek Your face."


If you would like to give to the Building for Life fund, please click here and select "Building for Life" from the drop-down menu. Thank you for your giving!

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